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Welcome to
Legion of Monkey Business.

About us..
Our Philosophy.

Fun, relaxation, friendship and loyalty - this is what we are all about. We are a group of English speaking people interested in enjoying ourselves and supporting each other as friends, whether it is our crafters or adventurers. We are aiming to have a balanced mix of male and female members and expect all members to take part in the legion but dont pressurize members beyond what they are happy with. But a 'Hello and Goodbye' are a minimum as this shows respect to other members.
We are a mixture of ages and experience and welcome any new members, from complete noobs to seasoned veterans. We are more than happy to help members with quests, crafting needs or just plain advice.  



Code of Conduct (CoC)

Please only join 'The Monkeys' if you agree to adhere to the following:


  • To treat others as you would wish to be treated. 
  • Within reason, to help each other, whether it be questing or crafting.
  • Not to take advantage of members. If you need something crafted then be prepared to offer the materials needed or recompense the costs of making the item. More often than not this will not be needed but its only respectful to offer. If you are stuck on a quest, someone will help you when they are free, but dont expect everyone to drop what they are doing and come rushing to your aid.
  • To show respect, not only to kin members but other LOTRO gamers as well.  
  • To never "ninja loot" only take what you need.
  • To keep the language clean up to 9pm. Im sure there will be times when kids will be watching and we have lady :) players too. If the language gets a little strong and someone is offended then an apology should be enough. We are all adults here.
  • To keep the language English. Its easy to setup a chat channel if you want to chat in your own lingo. 
  • Keep chat subjects legal. Remember that the chat can easily be monitored so avoid chatting about anything that will bring the flags up.
  • Try to avoid open chat about religion, politics, money, sexual fantasies etc. Take that to group chat or IMs
  • No use of power levelers, gold sellers or bots


If you would like to see other CoC's here please let one of us know.



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The Monkeys

Guild News

New Kin House in Thorin's Hall

Flona-, May 22, 11 9:12 AM.
We have an awesome Kin House at 5 Roaring Road, Hosstrom, Thorin's Hall. 

Everyone's welcome to take part in decorating it so feel free to get stuck in with a paintbrush :)

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

spoooon, Feb 28, 11 2:16 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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